01 February 2016

Escort Of The Month - February 2016

Welcome to the second edition of Olivia-James' escort of the month! This month we've made a fantastic choice after much debate, but the final choice was clear. So the escort of the month for February 2016 is: Melanie! She’s a brilliant woman and a great companion, and we’re proud to have her with us.

The reason we chose Melanie as our top escort this month was because the statistics speak for themselves. We get many gentleman callers asking after this gorgeous blonde bombshell, and even one lady who was curious to hear more about her!

Despite being very popular, Melanie doesn’t let any of it go to her head. She’s polite, friendly, and eager to please; and most importantly: Adventurous! Anyone looking for a jaw-droppingly gorgeous girl to accompany them on an outcall today, we highly suggest you check out Melanie and see if she’s available. Take a look at her untouched selfie, she’s a stunner alright!

Keep an eye out for March’s escort of the month and stay frosty ladies and gentlemen!

Melanie's unphotoshopped image!