11 March 2016


In our third edition to Olivia-James escort of the month we’re going to make a very calculated and brilliant decision, so the escort for the month for March 2016 is Kylie! An absolutely stunning girl with long black hair and dark eyes that strike any man with lust!

Our statistics have revealed that this month Kylie has had many clients and also many recurring clients proving to us that this girl is the absolute hot topic of the month!

Although she’s obviously now one of the best escorts we have this girl is known to complement all of her clients and stroke their egos to the full, proving she’s a smart and kind woman as well as quite the kinky one!

Being extremely popular and physically perfect Kylie is a one of a kind and truly is easily relatable as a person and many clients have boasted her ability to easily relate to them in any kind of conversation and at dinner she is quite the charm, being very respectable and has a high standard etiquette she is truly is a delight to go to dinner with proving time and time again that she is easily relatable.

Be on the lookout for our new escort of the month post next month as you might be surprised by the outcome, remember ladies and gentlemen springs coming so expect a nice few warm days atleast!