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Domination Escorts

Domination has been a part of human contact for as long as humans have been touching each other. Ancient Grek art depicts domination and submission, India's kama sutra and European references date all the way back to the 15th century but in the 18th century when brothels were used frequently women began offering a dominatrix service to submissive men and this is where the act of submission became a staple fantasy for many men. Get comfy, becuase here we have a showcase of our gorgeous domination escorts in Manchester.

We all have sexual fantasies and for some of us, those sexual fantasies are more personal and niche then your regular fantasy. For some people domination and the BDSM side is way more appealing and for them is really where the fun is and let's be fair, who doesn't want an absolutely stunning woman with a strong personality dominate them. Having a beautiful woman dominate you and have her attention wholeheartedly on you, is something many men crave and with often being on the dominating side of the fence the role reversal here is very appealing to many people to watch a beautiful woman act opposite to caring and nurturing and to become dominant, physically and verbally is a great turn.

For some women, it can be the same thrill as the role reversal and opportunity to dominate a man can be exhilarating to the sexual senses and give an opportunity to do something different. At Olivia James, we have some of the most beautiful dominatrix ready to indulge in all your most inner personal fantasies giving you an experience you'll never forget. Book yourself one of our bombshell beauties and surrender to your fantasy through mutual exploration of roles, emotions, activities, dominance, submission and fetishes. When you submit to one our beautiful ladies she's there to dominate you but submit to your fantasy or vice versa and our women are professionals, so you're in very good but controlling hands.

Whatever the fantasy may be that you have we at Olivia James cater to your fantasy. Domination has many aspects to it so if you have a particular fantasy you wish to experience tell us about it and we'll see if we can find the right dominatrix for you and make sure we have someone who wants to mutually experience that with you. Domination can typically include domestic servitude, submission, erotic humiliation, sexual slavery, verbal humiliation, fetishes such as foot and shoe fetishes, cross-dressing, whipping, corporal punishment, trampting, human furniture, feminization, cuckold, bondage and public humiliation.

Domination can't work without complete trust. This is because, for one, everything has to be pre-arranged so it's clear between all parties what are mutually agreed upon and to confirm consent and the second reason is domination only works if you both have absolute trust in each other and remove the element of serious harm. That's why with Olivia James we make sure you're not only in trusted hands but in the best hands to ensure you can focus on your fantasy and your ultimate pleasure.