If you would like to book at Olivia James, please call or text our number, we dont respond to private number callers.

However to make sure you get the girl you want please call us on the number above and prebook to avoid disappointment.

Please note that we will require confirmation of room booking, if you are staying in a hotel. At times we may call hotel to speak with yourself to confirm that booking is genuine.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Booking Notice

All our companions require a minimum of 1 hours notice, otherwise charges may be added

Cancellation Charge

If you confirm with the companion that you would like to meet her and shes turns up the address given and you decide to cancel then half of the fee will be required to be paid direct to her. If you refuse to pay the cancellation fee your number and address will be blacklisted from using our services.


All our girls are independent (self employed), Olivia James only passes clients details to the girls, they then decide if they would like to meet. Whatever goes on during the booking is between the two consenting adults and has nothing to do with Olivia James.
The girl has the right to choose what she would like to do on the date

Travel Charges

Some girls may require travel charges to be paid directly to them to cover their fuel or time of travel to the address given by the client. At times we may request a deposit payment to secure a booking. All overnight bookings require a deposit payment made in advance.


Please be polite and respectful to all the girls, as threatening behaviour or rudeness will not be tolerated. If this occurs then the girl has the right to leave and charges could be incurred. You could also be barred from using our services.

Travel Cost Guide

Distance (One Way) Fee
Under 10 Miles Free
11-20 Miles £10-£20
21-30 Miles £20-£30
31-£40 Miles £30-£40
Over 40 Miles £40+


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