Duo Escorts Gallery

At Olivia James, we understand that many people have different fetishes, fantasies and preferences when it comes to what they like and how they like it. We love to cater to all our clients and do our best to make sure we can help you indulge in your fantasy and as fantasies go, studies have shown that for males, having a threesome is one of the top 3 fantasies globally. Studies conducted on 4,175 people also concluded up to 56% of women also fantasise about threesomes but unlike men who commonly think about experiencing two women, women showed no real preference to the genders involved in the act.

Many men harbour a deep desire to experience two women and not everyone get's to experience that fantasy. Especially not from day-to-day life which is why here at Olivia James we have duo page all made up for you to finally experience one of the most sought-after fantasies on the planet.

When choosing your gorgeous escorts for you're threesome you may want to think about how to approach it aesthetically. If you're booking two women then you can either book two women who are a similar type and this is known as a Similar booking. Take Masie and Nina for example, booking both these blondes would be a similar booking as your booking the same type. Alternatively, you can go for a 'contrast' booking where you book two women who are evidently a different type to each other. For example Masie and Lucy. Masies a blonde and Lucy's a brunette and we've made it possible for you to experience both of them for your very own pleasure.

If you would like to book a gorgeous escort in Chester with Olivia James, please call or text our number but keep in mind we don't respond to private numbers. However to make sure you get the girl you want please call us on 07392 989 319 and prebook to avoid disappointment. Please note that we will require confirmation of room booking if you are staying in a hotel. At times we may call the hotel to speak with yourself to confirm that booking is genuine.

We look forward to hearing from you.